State and Society: Social Exclusion and Inclusion in Nepal







State and Society: Social Exclusion and Inclusion in Nepal






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Social Inclusion Research Fund and Mandala Book Point

Social exclusion and inclusion have gained much attention and have been widely debated in recent years. The two concepts clearly illustrate the close but complex relations between state and society. The book State and Society examines the role of state-society relations for social exclusion and inclusion in Nepal.

The book is a collection of five articles by Jagannath Adhikari, Jyotsna Tamang, Krishna Bhattachan, Krishna Hachhethu, Kristian Stokke, and Mohan Das Manandhar. Out of them, three are based on SIRF-supported research. The fourth write-up is a contribution by Krishna Bhattachan, a Nepali social scientist, and it explores the exclusion/inclusion discourse in the context of constitution making and state restructuring processes underway in Nepal. Among the other articles, one by Krishna Hachhethu explains the relationship between the Nepali state with different social groups based on the experiences of the Gurung and Madheshi study populations. Another article by Jagannath Adhikari studies the relationship of people with land and its implications for excluded groups. The final write-up in the collection by Jyotsna Tamang is a study on domestic violence.

The book is available at Mandala Book Point, Kantipath, Kathmandu.


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