Social Inclusion and Nation Building

Title: Social Inclusion and NationBuilding (Abstracts of Researches Supported by Social Inclusion Research Fund)
Edited by: Rojan Bajracharya
Complied by: Sita Rana
Published: February, 2009
ISBN: 978 – 9937 – 2- 1208 – 3
Format: Paper Back, 147 Pg
Publisher: Social Inclusion Research Fund
The book contains the abstract of all SIRF supported researches. The abstract has been categorized into eight sections on the basis of thematic group and research cooperation. The first 6 sections have been categorized on the respective thematic order: 1) Woman, 2) Dalits, 3) Janajati, 4) Madheshi, 5) Language 6) Others. The last two sections have been categorized on the respective research cooperation order: 7) NorwayNepal Institutional Research Cooperation Project, Undertaken By: Chr. Michelsens Institution and Center for Economic and Development Administration and 8) Norway Nepal Institutional Research Cooperation Project , Undertaken by: Norwegian Institute for Urban and Regional Research, Center for Nepalese and Asian Studies, Shtrii Shakti and Nepal Participatory Action Network. Mohan Das Manandhar, Senior Adviser SIRF, has written the introduction chapter which contains the introduction of SIRF.


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