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Interaction Workshop on Issues of Social Inclusion in Development with Education Sector

Venue : Hotel Himalayan, Kupondol
Time : 28 May 2009

Remarks :

Social Inclusion Research Fund (SIRF) organized an interaction workshop on “Issues of Social Inclusion in Development” with stakeholders from the education sector. The participants of program were: representative of Schools located in Kathmandu valley, representative of Physically Disables’ school, educationists, government officials and other stakeholders. Prof. Dr. Pushpa Shrestha, Chairperson of SIRF’s Interim Screening Committee chaired the program and Dr. Ram Sworup Sinha, Secretary of Ministry of Education Nepal was the chief guest of the program. The program started with preliminary session in which, Prof. Dr. Shrestha gave the welcome speech; Ms. Sita Rana, Advisor of SIRF, highlighted on the SIRF activities and program’s objective; and Dr. Sinha highlighted on the exclusionary practices of Nepal’s education sector. The two SIRF supported researches on education were presented in the program.


In the program, Prof. Dr. Pushpa Shrestha, Chairperson of SIRF’s Interim Screening Committee, flanked by Dr. Ram Sworup Sinha, Secretary of Ministry of Education Nepal in Left and Sita Rana, Adviser of SIRF in Right
The first presentation titled “Exclusion Issues of Muslim of Nepal and Role of Education in Their School Inclusion” was presented by Swayam Prakash JB Rana. In the presentation, Mr. Rana highlighted on the education status of Muslim in Nepal and their exclusionary issues.
The second presentation titled “Social Exclusion in Education: A Study on School Dropouts in Terai and Hill Districts of Nepal” was presented by Binay Kumar Kusiyait (Yadav). In the presentation, Mr. Kusiyait highlighted on the contemporary status of school dropout in Terai and Hill district and explained how the discriminatory practices against Terai results high school dropout in Terai than Hill.
The floor was opened after each presentation in which participant presented their views on program and presentation. Specifically, the participant highlighted on low educational status in Far west development region and Karnali, exclusion of low caste Dalits from education and government’s marginal effort toward education for disables.
The program ended with closing remark by the chairperson of program - Prof. Dr. Shrestha. She praised the SIRF researchers for their wonderful research studies and appealed for further intellectual debates on the issues of inclusion in education which would guide the policy maker to prepare inclusive education plans and policies.





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