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Second Screening Committee Meeting of SIRF

Venue : Hotel Summit, Bakhundole, Lalitpur
Time : 21-Nov-2009

Remarks :

Second screening committee was held on 21st and 22nd November 2009. The agendas of the meeting were: to review the status of SIRF Annual Activities 2009, to update on number of proposal received under Proposals Call 2009, to decide on review of proposal, to discuss the measures to enhance capacity building and research quality, to approve ToR for NA assessment and to discuss on commissioned and sponsored research. On 21st November, the secretariat informed screening committee on status of SIRF Annual Plan 2009 and number of proposal received under Proposals Call 2009. The meeting reviewed two proposals from - Social Science Baha and Central Department of Sociology and Anthropology, TU – on reviewing Matthias Moyersoen Research Apprenticeships (MMRA) proposal and endorsed the proposal of Social Science Baha. The meeting also endorsed and finalized the list of international and national reviewers for the review of 2009 Harka Gurung Research Fellowships (HGRF) proposals. The meeting formed three Sub-committees among the screening committee members themselves. Reviewer’s Rostrum Sub- Committee comprising Dr Sumitra Manandhar Gurung, Dr Mukta S. Tamang and Dr Madan Pariyar has been formed to update and finalize the SIRF’s Reviewer’s Rosturm for next proposals call and/or for future. Interview Sub- Committee comprising Dr. Saket Thakur, Dr. Mukta S. Tamang and Ms Maimoona Siddiqui with backlog support from Prof Dr TK Oommen has been formed to coordinate and/or lead the elimination process in face to face interview of the short listed applicants of both HGRFs and MMRAs 2009. Quality Control Sub-committee comprising Dr Saubhagya Jung Shah and Dr Madan Pariyar has been formed to support on publication of the final research reports and support & explore on NA institutionalization. The meeting endorsed the TOR for National Authority assessment and suggested to enhance SIRF’s communication and dissemination capacity in minority language and at regional level. The meeting also suggested the secretariat for rapid assessment of sponsored and commissioned research. On 22nd November, there were research presentation by two SIRF research fellows of 2007 - Mr Shyam Purkoti and Dr Jagannath Adhikari.

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