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Launch of Research on Social Inclusion Atlas Ethnographic Profile (SIA EP)

Venue : Hotel Annapurna, Durbar Marg
Time : 2012-02-08

Remarks :

Social Inclusion Atlas Ethnographic Profile Project (SIA EP)

The Social Inclusion Atlas and Ethnographic Profile (SIA EP) is one of the major research studies commissioned by SIRF, undertaken by the Central Department of Sociology/Anthropology (CDSA) at Tribhuvan University.  The primary objective of the research is to promote informed understanding of Nepal’s social diversity by producing research ­based, high quality and up­-to-­date information of the country’s social, cultural and linguistic composition and the status of human and social development.   The project aims to produce and present the information useful for inclusive policy formulation, social exclusion assessment and broader education on country's social diversity.


The research will have three major outputs.  The first is Multi-dimensional Social Inclusion Index that ranks different caste and ethnic groups according to their inclusion status.  The second output will be a Social Inclusion Atlas that displays the information on social inclusion and diversity in spatial map.  The third is a detailed Ethnographic Profile of highly excluded social groups.  The research findings will be published in a series of monographs including online edition for wider dissemination.

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