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Interaction Workshop with Media on Issues of Social Inclusion in Constitution

Venue : Hotal Himalaya, Kathmandu
Time : 26 March 2009

Remarks :

SIRF had organized an Interaction Workshop on “Issues of Social Inclusion in Constitution” with Media on 26th March 2009 in order to disseminate the findings of SIRF funded researches. The participant of the program included journalist from print media, TV, radio station, FM and freelancers. The program had been chaired by Prof. Dr. Pushpa Shrestha, chairman of ISC, and the key note speaker were: 1) Padma Ratna Tuladhar, Senior Human Right Activist; 2) Dhaman Nath Dhungana, Former Speaker and Constitutional Expert; and 3) Dharmendra Jha, President, Federation of Nepali Journalist. Mohan Das Manadhar, Senior Adviser of SIRF, was also a panelist
Prof. Dr. Shrestha started the program with a welcome speech followed by the presentation of Mr Madandhar on SIRF’s background [Link of Mr. Manandhar’s Presentation]. Mr. Dhungana, then, addressed the program in which he highlighted why the issues of inclusion and federal state and its interlink need to be incorporated by the new Constitution and stressed for joint voice from all stake holders including media to pressurize the CA to incorporate such issue. Likewise, Mr. Tuladhar, explained various sorts of discrimination prevailed in the country ranging from social, cultural, spatial to linguistic and religious discrimination. He stressed the media to highlights the need to address the social inclusion issues by new constitution. Mr Jha, expressed that the media has substantial role to publicize the social inclusion issues that need to be address by new constitution and praised the SIRF for such researches and its dissemination. Further, he added that media itself is an excluded group in Nepal as the media has been attacked by various source. So, he suggested for a research on the extent of exclusion prevailed against media in Nepal.
In the program, the findings of five SIRF funded researches were presented. They were as follow:
Language Diversity in Nepal: Situation and Policy Planning
By Prof. Dr. Yogendra Yadava,
A Study of Dalits’ Inclusion in NepaliState Governance
By Yam Bahadur Kisan,
Inclusion/ Exclusion of River Affected People in Conservation and Management of Water shed and Natural Resource in Churia Hills
By Bijaya Singh Danuwar
Social Inclusion/ Exclusion in Relation to Tharu Indigenous Knowledge and Practices
By Gopal Dahit
Citizenship Problem in Madhesi Dalits
By Udhav Sigdel
Lastly, Purna Man Shakya, Senior Lawyer, presented on “ Issues of Social Inclusion on Human Right, Culture and State Re- structuring issues of Constitution”.
The floor was open for comment and discussion in which the participants interact with the presenter. The program ended with the thank you remark by the Chairperson, Ms. Shrestha.
The program detail is available here.

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