Procedure and Guidelines

Template - Project Description

TThe Social Inclusion Research Fund (SIRF) has following aims:

·         Produce high quality and critical research on causes of social exclusion in Nepal and ways to accommodate and manage diversity

·         Make social science research more relevant to the excluded and disadvantaged groups and their agendas

·         Ensure that research more effectively contributes to policy debate and a deliberative democratic process


A.       Relevance of  Proposal

·         Give a short and concrete description on why and how the project is relevant to the call. (One page max)


B.     This is the main part of the proposal. (4-5 pages maximum)



B1. Research Problem/ Problem Statement

·          Give clear description of research problem/problem statement.


B2. Literature Review

Write a clear initial literature review of the subject/areas of research. It should reflect that the researcher has knowledge on the proposed research topic and the research methodology.

·        Literature review on the proposed research topic: a) How this research links to relevant theoretical perspective? b) Description of previous work on the proposed research topic

·        Literature review on the research methodology.

·        Bibliographic references.



B3. Objectives and Research Questions

·        Give a clear description of the project objectives and research questions.

·        Specify key research questions and issues.

·        Give a description on how the existing knowledge will expand because of the research and the originality of the research.


B4. Research Methodology

·        Give a description of scientific methodology that will be used to achieve the set objectives and questions.

·        Give a reasonable explanation of the choice of different tools and methods for collecting different information, the research methodologies, including field research methods and how they are linked with research problems/issues. Give a description of how the necessary methodology will be developed and how data will be analysed.


B5.   Perspectives and Strategic Significance


·        Strategic Significance: There should be clear description on how the project will contribute to social inclusion and nation building process of Nepal.


·        Relevance to Society: There should be clear description on how the project is relevant to the society. For instance, the extent to which the project could contribute to knowledge/competence that will be of short-term and long-term significance for meeting major challenges in the government, civil society, education institutions and society, viewed in a regional and national content.


·        Ethical aspects: The ethical aspects have to be integrated and a description of how ethical aspects (human right, social cohesion and/or any other ethical considerations) should be addressed.


·        Gender Perspective/ Equal Opportunity: Gender perspectives have to be integrated and focused in the project description and gender balance in the research team should be addressed.


·        Risks and Challenges: If there are any socio-economic, environmental risks and challenges it should be clearly described.




B6.        Dissemination of results


·        The dissemination plan of the research results/findings with the researched community as well as policy makers and other stakeholders should be clearly mentioned.

·        Selection/choice of journals to publish the research findings.

B7. Research Project Plan


·        Give a detail plan for the research project period along with activities.

·        Give a description on how the research project will be managed. The project has to be realistic.


B8. Budget


·        Give a total budget as well as details of yearly budget breakdown in the following template.

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